Wednesday, October 22

Deauville Beach Fashion ala 1930s!

I always did love a wide legged pant.  Check out these great old pics Retronaut dug up of of folks frolicking at the beach in Deauville in the '30s.  So much classier than the beach goers of today, no?
(Buster Keaton!  Josephine Baker w/ one of her cheetahs!)

The perfect playsuit - with clogs!!

Tuesday, October 21

BEEEautiful Vegan Leather Shoes on Kickstarter!

There is a gorgeous new Vegan "Leather" shoe collection trying to gain traction on Kickstarter this month and you can help them out!  No One's Skin by Ivana Basilotta uses a grain & seed based "leather" that she developed with the shoe gurus in Italy.  Aren't they spectacular?

I can't wait to see the suede!

Thursday, October 9

Organic Food Really IS Better 4 U

HA!  Finally the organic farmers of the world - backyard variety on up - are vindicated!  It is now proven that organic food is considerably higher in antioxidants & flavanones and MUCH lower in pesticide residues.

(I don't know why the eggplants - they're just cool I guess:-)

Wednesday, October 1

The Most Chic Shopping Cart You Never Did See (Until Now)

One day designer Xavier Degueldre was asked by his young son where Les Chariots de Supermarche (French for Shopping Cart:) go when they die.  After learning they have a meager lifespan of 10 to 15 years he decided to do something about it.   After much prototype development and testing he came up with several clever chairs crafted from retired carts. And in honor of the original question, there are child size options.
This perfect blend of post-consumer waste upcycling and uber chic design is a perfect ambassador for the eco design world, no?

All are numbered and can be custom ordered in colors of your choosing.  They run between $750 - $1400Euros.
Etoile - child sized roller chairs

The Haussmann & Versailles I 

The perfect dining al fresco set up for your chateau lawn:-)
CRAZY about this green! 

Saturday, September 27

The Finest D I Y Wedding Dress Ever!

Story found on Good Morning America
Chi Kreneta crocheted her own wedding dress over a 50-minute/day, 5-month commute!  She's an architect that learned to crochet from her grandmother and has put the skill to exceptional use, wouldn't you say?

Just for kicks I Googled vintage crocheted wedding dresses and found this on eBay.  French Victorian gown of Irish crocheted Lace for around $10K.
vintage Irish Lace

If you are inclined to make your own vintage inspired version - here you go. . .

Ladylike 50s:
PDF pattern here

For the Disco bride!

pattern on Etsy

And how about this 60s-ish mini for a beach wedding?
It's found on Crochet Rising which has collected a bunch of links for DIY crocheted wedding dresses.

Saturday, September 20

Happy Birthday Sophia!

Today is Sophia Loren's birthday and since she is my all time favorite actress I'm sharing these:

Happy Birthday fabulous Virgo lady!