Tuesday, April 15

"Trash" Art cum Fashion

Thanks to Pinterest, I just found the amazing artist and designer, Luis Valenzuela whom has invented a stunning collection of gowns constructed from a vast array of discards which he calls EcoArtFashion®.   
An excerpt from his bio outlines why he's now one of my heroes:
"...It was his love for all natural creations that inspired his“green art philosophy” and led him to found the first “green art community” in Florida, where his primary objective has been to actively engage the community in environmental issues. He is the founder of GreenArt USA©, EarthDayMiami™, EcoArtFashion© and created the first EcoArtFashion Week™** in the world, which has become a platform to express the present state of the ethical and new sustainable fashion world."

plastic bags

discarded soccer balls and flags from around the globe
Luis can be reached at   and on Twitter  @valenzuelausa and

**EcoArt Fashion Week is now called The Art of Fashion.  The 2014 schedule is not posted but you can see snaps from 2013 here.   'Looks like a smashing time by me!  

Thursday, March 6

Stay Healthy - Immunity Boosting Soup - RePost

Sniffles got you down? I'm fighting the good fight against the evil cooties brought home by the kids so I thought I'd share this again:-)

This soup is like a savory smoothie. It's fast, vegan and mostly raw. If you cook cruciferous veggies (like kale) and allium veggies (like onions), the nutrients are destroyed. But if you puree them together first, they chemically bind together making a superfood, as well as keeping all nutrients in tact even when heat is applied. It's delicious and cures a cold in no time!

What You Need

2 cups kale
1 cup vegetable stock (homemade is best)
1/8 of a cup of any variety of onion (I like green onions)
1 clove of garlic
1/2 of an avocado
1 tablespoon of white miso paste
3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon
Sea salt and pepper to taste

How to Make It

Blend all ingredients except the avocado and miso together in a food processor or blender for about five minutes until smooth and bright green. Add miso and avocado and heat through on the stove top. Or you can allow your Vitamix to heat the soup as it blends to retain live cultures in miso. Serve immediately. Variation: Add dandelion greens instead of kale when cleansing in the spring. Add half of a small cucumber and serve cold as a gazpacho in the summer.

*Recipe courtesy of Jessica at Glow Nutrition

I swiped this from my favorite naughty girls at Healthy Bitch Daily.   Now if I can get my sick-all-winter 10yr-old son to consume this.....

Wednesday, February 26

Is your Fabric Sustainable?

Made By, a fantastic not-for-profit European organization dedicated to advancing sustainable fabric sources and socially responsible practices in the fashion industry provides a handy guide to the sustainability of various fibers being used today.  Not a bad idea to bone up on these before you head out to shop for something new.

Monday, February 24

Avoiding Fashion Overwhelm

In light of Fashion Week here, there & everywhere frenzy - - -  RELAX!   A funny list of 

40 things to remember when fashion gets too much!

from one of the editors at i-D. 
"16. It is better to buy one stomach-churningly expensive piece of clothing that you love - even if means you can’t pay the rent next month - rather than an array of cheap things which you just, sort-of, quite like.
"  Always sane eco-fashion style advice.
My favorite is - "26. More fashion designers should ‘take a season out’ if they feel like doing so. Good ideas do not inherently happen every six months.
"  Ugh.  So true.  Why oh why do we keep seeing collections a gazillion times/year?  It detracts from the thrill of Fashion Weeks around the globe.  We need long dry spells of downtime between seasons in order to ramp up the pining for new and exciting ideas.  The blessed dry spells give the uber stylists of the world time to shine in the glossies and this is a good thing.  Christmas wouldn't be as fun if it came in July too.
Uh, damn, oops;  guilty of #4 - "Words like ‘edgy’ and ‘directional’ should be used sparingly, otherwise you sound like the tacky fashion ‘expert’ off breakfast telly.

Thursday, February 13

Fashion Week '14 - LIBERTINE

see all the pics on 
I haven't done a fashion show review in some time but today's the day.  Libertine has always been an inspiration since back in the early, up cycled vintage screened jackets day and this FW '14 collection did not let me down.  And really, Libertine was an Eco Fashion pioneer we just didn't realize it at the time, did we?
SO. much. FUN. 
I am in love with the myriad vintage-style coats embellished in crazy ways.  The Marilyn granny punk from Look 16, above, was a stand out - the coat is just perfection.  
Enjoy some more...

 60s style ski jacket shape is an all time favorite silhouette

absolutely gorgeous.  would never get tired of this.


Monday, February 3

DETOX the Fashion Industry

Detoxing one's mis-treated bod is still all the rage as we've entered 2014 but detoxing fashion has been around for quite some time.
I've finally had a moment to get educated on Greenpeace's beautiful DETOX campaign and urge you to get involved too.  Together we can turn the textiles industry around, so let's DO IT - sign the Detox Fashion Manifesto here and join luminaries, Allegra Hicks and Livia Firth!