Thursday, July 24

The Perfect Sneakers for Fall/Winter 2014

There are so many kooky versions of the sneaker, or trainer, or running shoe, whatever you want to call it, out for fall I thought I'd drop my favorites on you just for kicks.  

First of all, I always think it's weird when uber designers issue a version of something like a sneaker and then sell them for $2K.  There's something wildly disingenuous about it.  Cute and trend setting, but…off, and not in a brilliant way off.   Sneaker snobbery has already gone far enough, sez me.   Cue Marc by Marc Jacobs and Chanel, in that order below:

Look for knock offs galore at any mall in America and probably Chez Target:-)

All trashing aside - here are ones I LOVE:
1st of all, as a California girl I will forever be devoted to my beloved Vans.  And when they collaborated with Star Wars this year I was ecstatic.   Even a Mom like me can pull these bad boys off with a little skirt + leather jacket or jeans + T...
Oh Han Solo and Boba… do I love thee?

Nothin' and I mean nothin' beats the classic Slip-on

And… in the leather category - how about these darlings?
They come in white too - perfect for end of summer transitions.  I just discovered the blogger Chiara Ferragni of The Blond Salad and she has super cool shoes!  The slippers with a winking eye are to die, but these = = =  FAB, period.
The Lana - also in white

the Drew - also in white.

Friday, July 18

Swooning in a Big Way - Martin Margiela F/W Couture '14

Time for another Maison Martin Margiela post!  I am always blown away by MMM first from an aesthetic perspective and secondly because their long-standing philosophy has been to up cycle or repurpose fabrics.  This new collection uses bits of antique garments and their own samples to stunning effect.  Also incorporated are mid century "Japanese Souvenir" Bomber Jackets sourced from around the globe.  You know how much I love a good patchwork…..
Skirt is patchwork of embroidery samples and took 80 hrs. to make! 

Again, embroidery samples and the cashmere coat is patched together samples from trade shows.
Part of the bomber jacket is from 1945 and the skirt is constructed of embroider samples in metal
Part of the bodice is from antique - 1870! - french embroideries acquired at auction.

Here's the runway video too. 

Monday, June 9

Summer Music Festival Schedule! COMPLETE!

This has got to be the most comprehensive summer music festival list - evah!   JamBase has them all.

Anyone up for Founder's Fest - A Celebration of Beer & Music in Grand Rapids, MI, my old stomping grounds;  who knew?  Or maybe Bluegrass & Beer in Keystone, CO, another stomping ground?

Suds & 'Grass (a ha ha ha) not your scene (mine either)?  How about Groovelink Family Funktion - just the name alone makes me want to get down.   Perhaps, For the Funk of It Music Festival in Belden, CA, with bands like Mojo Green, Groovincible and Big Sticky Mess!   

Surely you can find a fest you can attend.  And when you do - don't forget to wear a special one-of-a-kind Jag & Nevie summer tube or for cool, high mountain festival evenings - a poncho!  

Tube Tops & Halters Here 

Ponchos/Capes Here

We will even make an extra special CUSTOM ORDER poncho out of your own beloved concert t-shirts if you need one.  Just email or purchase immediately on Etsy and send over 6-8 shirts - DONE!

Tuesday, May 20

20 More EASY Eco Tips

I just saw this article on 20 Ways to be more Eco Friendly from Style Caster.
Easy Peasy!  I like that:-)

My favorite one is how to avoid those plastic stir sticks when you buy a coffee to go - put sugar and (SOY - you don't really use COW do you?!) creamer in the bottom first and when the coffee goes in it's already stirred!

Friday, April 25

What IS Slow Fashion Anyway?

Slow Fashion Forward is an innovative consortium of women dedicated to advancing the Slow Fashion movement with a variety of consultancy services.  I found their cute illustrations and simple explanation of the movement's values be worth sharing.  So link up here to see exactly what Slow Fashion means.

I think most importantly, as they write, Slow Fashion is about:
#10 Practicing Consciousness
This means making decisions based
on personal passions, a connection
to others and the environment, and
the willingness to act responsibly.
Within the Slow Fashion movement,
many people love what they do,
and aspire to make a difference in the
world in a creative and innovative way.""

Side note:  On their FB page Slow Fashion Forward shared the Senior Design Project from Germany, a group that brings skilled senior citizens together with young, aspiring designers to share their talents.  Don'tcha love it?

photo from Senior Design Project FB page

Tuesday, April 15

"Trash" Art cum Fashion

Thanks to Pinterest, I just found the amazing artist and designer, Luis Valenzuela whom has invented a stunning collection of gowns constructed from a vast array of discards which he calls EcoArtFashion®.   
An excerpt from his bio outlines why he's now one of my heroes:
"...It was his love for all natural creations that inspired his“green art philosophy” and led him to found the first “green art community” in Florida, where his primary objective has been to actively engage the community in environmental issues. He is the founder of GreenArt USA©, EarthDayMiami™, EcoArtFashion© and created the first EcoArtFashion Week™** in the world, which has become a platform to express the present state of the ethical and new sustainable fashion world."

plastic bags

discarded soccer balls and flags from around the globe
Luis can be reached at   and on Twitter  @valenzuelausa and

**EcoArt Fashion Week is now called The Art of Fashion.  The 2014 schedule is not posted but you can see snaps from 2013 here.   'Looks like a smashing time by me!